Barbeque Sauce- Taste the Difference

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Barbeque sauces world over always create wonders with its magical flavors making every cuisine a complete success. Originally, a blend of spices and most popular ingredients that transform even bland food into a worthwhile meal, this brown or dark red colored gravy sauce has come a long way. The best part about the barbeque sauce is that it can be enjoyed with every sumptuous barbeque meal and is considered as the star attraction of that cuisine.

Prepared in various styles depending upon the taste preferences and craze for distinguished flavors by natives of a region, the BBQ sauce has become a huge success today. An incredible aspect about the barbeque sauce is that it can be prepared at home under traditional cooking methods as well, within a time span of not more than fifteen minutes. So, while the meat ribs are in the process of being roasted well on both sides, there is enough time to dish out that favorite barbeque sauce, for a mouth watering meal. A BBQ sauce can have a thick or thin base prepared on the foundation of vinegar, mustard or tomato.  Other ingredients added later include hints of spices and molasses and add on elements such as Tabasco sauce, pepper, garlic and chopped onions and lime juice for thickness in the sauce.

Commonest combinations of the BBQ sauce are the sweet and sour, hot and spicy, Southern style barbeque sauce and other regular BBQ sauces based on regional demands.  All these sauces can either be prepared at home or procured from nearest retailers at best prices. Among these popular flavors, the ones that shot to fame in the recent past are the sweet and spicy, tangy and sour flavors. These flavors essentially give life to an ordinary roasted meat and add an element of excitement to the occasion of celebrating the barbeque night dinner. A recommended drink that goes well with the BBQ sauce is the red wine that completes your whole experience of a barbeque party.

While, BBQ sauces trace their originality to America, it has today become an international product and an important requisite for every home. Scores of brands in maintaining exclusivity of the product cater to distinct flavors based on high demand of the natives of a region. Much care is also taken to ensure that they maintain the slight change that is needed at times. Ultimately, what needs to be kept in mind is that a BBQ sauce should compliment the barbeque rather than overshadowing, it with too much or too little of an ingredient. So a tab needs to be kept on balancing the necessary flavors well and preparing the sauce with adequate quantities of everything.

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Barbeque Sauce- Taste the Difference

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This article was published on 2010/09/20