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Whether you want to chill out in front of the telly or intend to have a few friends over later, dips are an easy and tasty snack that can be quickly rustled up for everybody to enjoy. Here are a few hot sauces and chilli produce we think would be real winners whatever the time of year!

Blair's Sweet Death Chilli Sauce is one that sometimes scares people by its name but it is actually the mildest of Blair's collection of Death Hot Sauces. This great blend of habanero, mango and passionfruit is the perfect tropical treat to have with crackers or breads such as naans and of course poppadoms. Blair's Salsa de la Muerte combines a myriad of flavours in one hell of a hot sauce. The smashed garlic, tantalising red and orange habaneros, coriander, fresh cayenne and hint of chipotle might seem a lot to take on at first but your tastebuds will definitely thank you for it!

Dave's Insanity range of chilli produce and in particular his Insanity Salsa is one of our favourites. The jar will last you a while so it's a great chilli condiment to have in your fridge over the summer. The heat of Dave's Insanity Salsa is pretty intense but that's of course why we love anything coming out of Dave's prolific imagination! Dartmoor Chilli Farm's Tomato Chilli Salsa is also great for people that are a bit wary of spice as it is a milder version of a chilli salsa.

Another Blair's chilli produce that we love is Blair's Heat Chipotle Slam that comes in a flask bottle and is made with fresh garlic and herbs as well as red and orange habaneros. Chipotle is a smoked jalapeno that is much talked about in the chilli community as its peculiar flavour adds a great depth to hot sauces, chilli relishes and barbecue sauces. Blair's Heat Chipotle Slam can be used as is or mixed in with mayonnaise for a milder version. Blair's Heat Habanero Mango is also a great alternative!

Mr Vikki's is well known for his range of chilli preserves and chilli pastes. Mr Vikki's chilli jam is a great condiment as well as Mr Vikki's Hell Hot Habanero (HHH) and Mr Vikki's King Naga although the latter really packs a punch! Most of Mr Vikki's range can be used as dips to be honest such as Mr Vikki's Banana Habanero, a favourite amongst our customers or Mr Vikki's Hot Mango Chutney, Mr Vikki's Hot Gooseberry and Mr Vikki's Tomato & Nigella Chutney which we would say is more like a salsa.

A sweet chilli sauce that is great with dips is the one produced by Cambridge Chilli Farm. Cambridge Chilli Farm uses the Scotch Bonnet in this Sweet Chilli Sauce and don't we thank him for it! The Scotch bonnet has got a very specific flavour that lingers on and a heat that is just right for most people to handle. For an even fruitier alternative just try Cambridge Chilli Farm's Pineapple & Habanero Chilli Sauce!

Although not a chilli dip per se we thought we would mention Hot Headz Chile Con Queso which is a traditional smooth creamy sauce made from a blend of melted cheeses, cream and chilli peppers and usually served warm on top of nachos, a real delight and a great party treat!

So there you have it. This is but a mere selection of great chilli sauces and condiments that can be turned into chilli dips in the blink of an eye so in order to make an informed decision go on The Devil's Garden website to see what other great chilli dip is also available!

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Best Chilli Dips

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This article was published on 2011/06/17