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Ashley Food Company is a US based manufacturer that has been around for more than 30 years with a guy called David coming up with fantastic hot sauces called "Mad Dog". All Mad Dog creations are still made in hand-measured batches and cooked to perfection. Only the finest all natural ingredients are used, a fact truly noticeable in any chilli sauce bearing the name of Mad Dog.

Mad Dog 357 range of chilli sauces is what Mad Dog is mainly known for although The Ashley Food company produces other types of chilli produce. These were the first kind of hot sauces to be just that, HOT chilli sauces! Before Mad Dog only a handful of producers had dabbled in making hot sauces using chilli extract as most people were quite wary of anything of the sort.

Made with hot cayenne peppers, Habanero chilli peppers and to top it all some 2,000,000 Scoville unit pepper extract, Mad Dog's 357 Hot Sauce is the original chilli sauce that everybody fell in love with although it definitely surprised a few people by its potency! This is still an incredibly popular hot sauce with our customers although with so much heat only worthy chilli addicts can handle the burn!

In view of its increasing popularity Ashley Food Company decided to produce more Mad Dog 357 chilli sauces, and collector's editions. We were keen to get our hands on Mad Dog 357 Collectors Hot Sauce that comes with a cool bullet keyring that contains a miniature sampling spoon and oh, just a touch of chilli extract to make this sauce around 6,000,000 Scoville Heat Units! (SHU).

Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce is in high demand and if you can get past the crazy heat you will realise how wonderful the flavour of habaneros and cayenne chilli pepper is. Mad Dog Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce also has the iconic bullet keyring that chilli nutters proudly wear at their belt... or in their coffin!

A few months ago we were able to get some Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces which are for hardcore chilli lovers only although not quite as hot as Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition. A kind of sweet and smoky flavour is present on your tastebuds if these haven't been scorched by the chilli extract. The ghost pepper is of course noticeable as well as habaneros and peri-peri peppers. This is definitely a chilli sauce for those who seek flavour as much as spice.

Another chilli sauce part of the collection of Mad Dog 357 Hot sauces is Mad Dog 357 Extreme Mustard. We love mustard in general and were keen to get a hot sauce version that would blow our heads off. Mad Dog definitely granted our wish although we sometimes we they hadn't as the power from the habanero peppers, freshly prepared mustard and horseradish as well of course as chilli extract is just a tad extreme!

A chilli sauce that we use all the time, especially when cooking is Mad Dog Liquid Fire Hot Sauce. This is a hugely versatile chilli sauce that is made using tomato paste, garlic, bird's eye peppers, jalapeno peppers and spices. Although this chilli sauce has got some chilli extract in it we tend to pour a generous amount onto our food as it is truly delectable and adds wonderful spice to stews, sandwiches, pasta sauces and whatever you can come up with!

Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce was the first chilli sauce to be declared the World's Hottest Hot Sauce and with good reason. Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce is raging with fire and is about as subtle as a machine gun. Chilli extract is the primary ingredient closely followed by garlic onion, jalapeno pepper and a blend of herbs and spices. We do love a good spoonful of Mad Dog Inferno into our cooking although hardcore fans tend to take a glug directly from the bottle!

Mad Dog couldn't let it lie of course when it original Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce got supplanted by hotter chilli sauces. So what did the Ashley Food Company decided to do? Why, add more chilli extract of course! Ensued Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Hot Sauce which has a taste of the Caribbean and of course a massive amount of chilli extract to descend your tastebuds into oblivion!

Last but certainly not least in our countdown or wonderful Mad Dog Chilli Sauces is Mad Dog Revenge. This is just plain silly. This is chilli extract at its best, not only to add spice to the food of those who dare open the bottle but also to strip paint it's that hot! Mad Dog Revenge is to be used as a food additive only although we do know a few people that like playing pranks with it! We certainly don't recommend that type of behaviour as Mad Dog Revenge is truly potent stuff!

So there you have it. Mad Dog is a US supplier of hot sauces that is definitely here to stay and we cannot wait to see what other HOT chilli sauces they come up with!

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Mad Dog - An Overview

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This article was published on 2011/06/17