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If you love pasta and want to improve on your Spaghetti making skills, then keep reading.
Everyone has a go-to dish that we are very proud of and seemly can make perfect every time. For most of us, it is probably some form of pasta. Now here's the problem, most of us don't know what makes our spaghetti so different from the small Italian restaurant around the corner. You may often ask yourself as to why their pasta has so much more flavor and their noddles are so perfectly cooked. Well wonder know more, I have some basic answers for you.

Lets first begin with the way Spaghetti and meat sauce came about. This dish originated out of pure poverty in small towns throughout Italy. On one night the pasta would be a side dish and hearty chunks of braised meat would be the main course. The following night, the leftovers would be combined to make another meal altogether. The poverty stricken households would never think to waist anything, thus creating spaghetti with meat sauce.

It would begin with the meat being placed in a large pot and simmered slowly with fresh herbs, diced fresh tomatoes and garlic. This stew of meat would cook down and make a ragu. The cooks would then place the cooked pasta in with the ragu of meat and mix together.

One of the biggest mistakes that we make when cooking our spaghetti with meat sauce, is that we place our meat sauce on top of our noddle. This is sacrilegious to most Italians and defeats the purpose of the two items coming together as one. Understand that the noodles get much of their flavor from the tomato sauce. In turn, the sauce is naturally thickened from the starch of the noodle. This makes a perfect marriage.

Many times I am asked about the best way to cook noddles. Here is a basic simple no-fail guide to a perfect noodle. First, bring a pot of water to a boil with a fair amount of salt added. Make sure you taste your water, sounds silly but this lets you know if you need more or less salt. The taste of your water will be the taste of your noodle. One of the biggest myths is the need to add oil to your water. Save your money, water and salt is all you need. Once your water is at a rapid boil, add your noddles. Immediately stir the noddle to get them all loose. Let the noddles cook for 5-7 minutes and pull one out and taste. You should be able to bite all the way through the pasta without it being to soft. It should have a slight bite.

Now, the real trick to great flavor like the restaurants is to strain your pasta when its of the way cooked and add it directly to your sauce. Let your pasta finish cooking in your sauce. This way the noddle is absorbing all of the good sauce flavor. Mix altogether and serve.

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Ready For Spaghetti

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This article was published on 2010/12/28