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In people's traditional values, sauce Vinegar Just a very ordinary restaurant Condiment Played the role of color and flavor of Soy sauce Understanding of just staying in the soy sauce, Dark Soy Sauce On the understanding of the vinegar is also nothing more than vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, vinegar sauce products that people buy only recognized brands and flavors, but few people go into the brewing process, superior brewing process to produce safer, delicious product. According to reliable sources, the current sauce vinegar industry is brewing a revolution, a new industry standard for vinegar sauce is very obvious, and a "Jane brewing" standard sauce of vinegar production companies are increasingly concerned by the industry.

Sauce vinegar industry pushes "Jane brewing" standard
According to report, last year into the East China market, Xiao Erhei vinegar sauce brand is the advocate of new industry standards. Xiao Erhei Food Holdings Limited was founded in 1997, is a science, industry and trade into a modern integrated food conglomerates. Currently, Xiao Erhei products include soy sauce, vinegar, two types of premium (especially for), gold standard, fine, high-quality four classes. It is reported that, "Jane stuffed" is the product of the company pioneered the process, is the product from Raw material Select to technology research and development, to production processes, and for all uphold the stringent new standards.

Condiment industry veteran, said, sauce and vinegar production industries the main problems is that soy amino acid N and microbial failure. Total acid and vinegar, then there exists the problem microbiological failure. This is a simple production process, facilities, technology, fermentation time is short and raw materials caused by the poor. Currently the overall brand vinegar sauce is not high grade, greater focus only on product functionality, soy sauce, dark soy, fish sauce and other products flooding the market, but often overlooked the entire process of production process. Jennifer brewing process 7

strictly controlled process Superior brewing technology, both product development or raw materials, and even over the industry are striving for excellence technical excellence, it is understood, make sure that "Jane brewing" standard procedure to go through seven strictly controlled, from product selection to the production of raw materials link quality control, must meet strict criteria:

In product research and development, gathering domestic and foreign food production management, brewing, bio-engineering, quality control, nutrition and other cross-cutting experts, research and development seasoning recent technology update product development to establish the most advanced technology standards. The choice of raw materials, combined with mechanical and manual screening process, a pollution-free high-quality selection of each rice and soybeans, and strictly control the quality of raw materials. On this basis, Xiao Erhei adheres to the "water and soil to support one party people" concept, selection of local raw materials, training of local flora, to ensure localization of the production process, minimize the impact of regional differences, serve the local people.

Industry innovation, the breakthrough in the traditional sauce of vinegar industry-cylinder pool mode of operation, using ahead of industry pipeline and mechanization, all closed, non-polluting operation device, the entire brewing process is affected by the external environment affect the probability of close to zero. A comprehensive security system beyond the HACCP system Jennifer brewing process control standards to ensure that production management automation, Jennifer brewing system defect rate, defect rate to achieve "zero defect." Production processes in vinegar sauce hazards, such as microbiological, chemical and physical pollution, identification and monitoring the implementation of current events, from material selection to the entire production process OTC "zero harm" standard to implement management and quality control. Every drop of sauce of vinegar have been strict quality inspection, layers of the brewing process control, to ensure drops are even more bright color, aroma Fu thicker, more delicious flavor, richer nutrition.

Xiao Erhei vinegar sauce brand as an advocate of advanced technology, is bound to modern brewing ideas, zero defect, zero pollution in the automatic Chemical industry Plant, so every production step and the step that can withstand harsh modern technology validation, that is, inheritance and delicious, safe and healthy.
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Xiao Erhei Vinegar Sauce "jane Brewing" Process Is Receiving Industry Attention - Xiao

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This article was published on 2010/10/31